The snow chain that fits in a single CLICK!!

RUDcomfort Click2Go

The innovative external fitting snow chain that fits in a single click!

RUDcomfort Click2Go is a revolutionary external fitting snow chain for alloy wheels, which is fixed to the centre of the wheel in just one CLICK! A CLICK is also all it takes to remove the chain, whatever the position of the wheel.
During a snowfall or in case of snow-covered roads, all it takes is a single click to fit the chain, which slides onto the tyre and centres itself! All this thanks to an adaptor that can be easily fitted to the centre of the alloy wheel beforehand, before the start of the winter season.
Thanks to the lack of elements on the inside of the wheel, RUDcomfort Click2Go can be fitted to vehicles with reduced space between the wheel and the internal mechanical parts.

The innovative external fitting snow chain that fits in a single click!

It fits in a single click!

The central body of the chain has a quick snap-on and release mechanism. To fit the chain, press the central body towards the adaptor fixed to the centre of the wheel; in this way, the patented device will automatically CLICK into place on the adaptor. To remove the chain, simply press the central button and the device will release automatically

0mm clearence

Thanks to the external fitting system and to the lack of elements on the inside of the wheel, the guaranteed internal clearance is 0mm and RUDcomfort Click2Go can also be fitted to cars which traditional snow chains cannot be fitted to and which have limited spaces between the wheel and the internal mechanical parts

Integrated adjustment system

Plates made in special plastic material with patented integrated strain absorption and adjustment systems. The strain absorption system allows the chain to adapt to tyre deformation while driving and to absorb traction stress. The adjustment system, however, allows the chain to adapt to different tyre sizes and different levels of tyre tread wear. It is simple to adjust the chain for first-time use or to reset it to fit a different tyre size or wear level!

Perfect tensioning

The coupling pin can be adjusted to move the chain closer to or further away from the wheel, based on the offset of your car’s alloy wheel. This way, the chain is positioned at the perfect distance for optimal tensioning

Adaptor kit

Adaptors available in four sizes to be able to fit the chain to the alloy wheels on your car. Suitable for almost all cars with alloy wheels. Inside the kit you will find all you need to be able to fix the adaptor to the central hole of the rim, whether you prefer to have a trusted tyre fitter do this when changing to winter tyres or to do it yourself when you have the time. The supplied black cover cap replaces the wheel centre cap of the aluminium rim

Innovative design

Innovative design is what makes RUDcomfort Click2Go stand out from conventional snow chains and catches the eye at first glance. The essential, apparently minimal lines, created using modern materials in colours that best combine with current rims, RUDcomfort Click2Go will fit seamlessly onto your wheels without damaging the aesthetic of your car

Eco-friendly packaging

No need to give up easy use, compact size or style, because RUDcomfort Click2Go can be carried in a bag, developed and made in RPET, a recycled polyethylene terephthalate fabric for a reduced environmental impact. The outer packaging is in fully recyclable cartonbox and shows the features, information and images of the contents


Specific design for passenger cars

Specific design for a large number of passenger cars on the market


External fitting

External fitting snow chain, no elements to hook or move on the inside of the wheel. No need to fit it in several stops, the chain is tensioned and self-centering while driving


0mm clearence

0mm internal clearance. RUDcomfort Click2Go is also the ideal solution on all new generation vehicles with limited space between the wheel and mechanical parts inside the wheel


Protected rims

100% guaranteed rim protection. No part of the chain in contact with the rim


Sustainable practicality

Compact bag in recycled plastic fabric (RPET) to carry your chain and kit comfortably while respecting the environment

RUD and sustainability

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG was founded in 1875 by Carl Rieger and Friedrich Dietz in Swabian Aalen. Since Friedrich Dietz’s departure, the company has been in the sole possession of the Rieger family who have systematically developed and expanded the organisation into today internationally successfully positioned RUD family business.

Today, the RUD Group is a global player. Its main development and production facility in Aalen, offers future-oriented solutions with chain systems and components for a wide range of applications and is one of the main snow chains suppliers worldwide thanks to its tradition, knowledge and high development standard.

In 1875, RUD was founded as “factory in the countryside”. Since 1898 our company site has borne the name “Island of Peace” as a place of reconciliation between technology and nature and as an emphasis on social partnership. The importance of environmental and climate protection manifests itself in many ways. As the first chain manufacturer, the company successfully rose to the challenge of certification of its integrated quality and environmental management system according to ISO 9001 / 14001 as early as 2001. One example for this is the consistent conversion to 100% certified green electricity from hydropower, as a result of which CO₂ emissions at the Aalen sites have been reduced by over 50%.

Furthermore, RUD has decided to make its contribution in reducing the plastic use in its products. Its first step is the packaging, converting the plastic cases of some of its snow chains products in totally recyclable appealing carton boxes that show features, information, image of the contained product. Inside the carton box, a waterproof sack will allow to store the chains once used.

In the case of the new RUDcomfort Click2Go, the bag itself represents a further step towards greater sustainability; in fact, it was designed in RPET fabric, or recycled polyethylene terephthalate, thus reducing plastic waste and CO₂ emissions into the environment.